Why Choose DFW Home Inspection Group?


About the Owner and Inspector

Clint Carpenter is the owner of DFW Home Inspection Group.  Clint is proud to be a licensed professional inspector as well as a local fire department Lieutenant. He has been working in real estate and home inspections in the DFW area for over seven years, and he has an enormous amount of passion for what he does.
“I feel so blessed to do what I do. I enjoy the technical aspect of the inspection process, but what I really love is helping people and making a difference. I had a bad real estate experience a long time ago, and my goal is to prevent other people from going through the same nightmare. I do everything I can to make sure that the people I work for are very well taken care of in every way.”
Clint Carpenter
Although the fields may seem unrelated at first, Clint’s firefighting experience actually gives him a great advantage as an Inspector because he has a unique, in-depth knowledge of building construction from a hazard identification standpoint.  In firefighting, understanding proper and improper building construction is of critical importance in order to effectively fight fires and solve other hazardous issues.  Clint’s ongoing training and work experience in this area have given him a uniquely advanced skillset as an inspector

Why Realtors and Clients Love Working with DFW Home Inspection Group

When Clint worked as a real estate agent, he helped many people buy and sell homes, so he has an in-depth understanding of the real estate transaction process from beginning to end.  Through his extensive experience, he knows what the agents, buyers and sellers are going through, including the time sensitivity of the option period, and he does everything he can to ensure a smooth transaction for all parties.  After an inspection is complete, DFW Home Inspection provides the in-depth inspection report within 24 hours.
“As a former agent and someone who’s been in this industry for a while, I understand my clients’ needs more than the average inspector. I know what they're going through, I understand their urgency, and I understand that they need and want to know everything, not just the defects. I’m happy to bend over backwards to help them.”
Clint Carpenter
Agents and clients also appreciate that Clint maintains a voluntary membership with InterNACHI, a professional organization that is dedicated to the continual education of Texas home inspectors.
I’ve always chosen to be an active member of InterNACHI because of the extensive ongoing education they offer. Not just anyone can be with their association; you have to take courses and pass tests every year. I’m all for any organization that is dedicated to excellence, and InterNACHI definitely is.”
Clint Carpenter
If you have any questions for Clint, please fill out this form and he will get back to you soon.